Bulgarian Folk Singing Book & CD is a new generation interactive teaching utility. The Toolkit is designed for learning Bulgarian Folk Region styles such as: Strandjanski, Trakiiski, Shopski, Rodopski etc. The first Volume includes two styles: Strandjanski and Trakiiski. The brand new design of the Toolkit offers visual Voice detection diagram, Half Tempo control, Self-Teaching mobility etc.

Book Key Features

Visual presentation of the Pitch, Vibrato and Ornamentation of the recorded Vocal.
Element and Phrase labels. Each song offers Element number and Phrase number labels placed over the Vocal detection image diagram.
The Element and Phrase numbers match the correspondent audio Elements/Phrases offered in the CD-ROM audio Player.
Precise Notation matching the Voice audio detection diagram.
Latin and Cyrillic lyrics lanes are shown under the Voice image detection and the Notation. Each lyrics language lane is shown in different color: Latin (Red); Cyrillic (Blue).
English translation of all Songs included in this volume.
Two Choir scores composed by the author of the book Ivan Kovachev.


CD-ROM/Software Key Features

Main Navigation menu offering a Video Guide in two versions (English and Bulgarian), as well as quick navigation to any Style and Song included in the CD-ROM.
Custom Juke-Box audio players. Each song comes with a Juke-Box audio player list which includes the Original Song version, a solo Vocal track, the Instrumental of the song and a rich collection of Element and Phrase audio slices of the Vocal (in Original & Half Tempo).
The Vocal audio slices match the correspondent Element & Phrase labels printed in the book.
Mobility. The CD-ROM structure allows you to copy the MP3 files of all song Elements & Phrases, the Vocal track or the Instrumental to a flash drive, smart phone, tablet or any mobile MP3 player.

Price: €42

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